Over time, many clients often like to ask questions about my practice, experience, capabilities, spells, cleansings, etc. I gathered the most common questions to better inform you. Thanks for taking the time to review these.

What is a psychic?

A psychic is a person like you and I. We are no different. We just happen to have the gift of clairvoyance which allows us to be more intuitive, perceptive, and we can read the energies that surround us all. We can connect with the spirits and interpret the paranormal activities. And as crazy as it may sound, these do exist, but they are rare events.

How long have you been psychic?

Since I was born, but the gift is usually not revealed until you develop maturity and conscientious awareness. For me, it was during my early teenage years.

Can you reunite lovers?

This is possible. Faith awaits, but not all lovers are to be reunited. I work with you to help you make the best decisions for you and that are aligned with your karma and destiny. Love spells are possible and work.

How do you charge?

I charge a nominal fee for readings. I am set up to take major credit cards, PayPal, and cash of course.

What is a "limpia"?.

A "limpia" is a Spanish word that means "cleansing". These rituals are meant to remove negativity and realign your Karma, and current intentions so that  you can have an improved peace of mind, better luck, and so that better things manifest into your life.

 What is the toughest case you have worked?

I have been privileged to have several very successful outcomes. In one instance, I reunited a couple of lovers who separated and moved across the word, but faith waited and with some help, the couple ended up reuniting. Today, they are happily married. I was invited to their wedding.

Another time, I had a customer who received a job offer from a tech company. He asked me if he should accept the offer as such offer came with a significant increase in pay but it would require for him to move. I recommended not to and to just wait. While it did not make sense and he had reservations, he followed my advice. A month later he received another offer, much better than the previous offer and without the need to relocate. That same month the company that made the first offer went bankrupt.